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Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Warner Concerned About TRICARE Cuts

The Hill reports:
Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) says he is "concerned" by controversial changes to the military's healthcare plan that could leave hundreds of autistic children without a healthcare provider.
In a letter to the Pentagon, Warner calls on Jonathan Woodson, assistant secretary of defense for health affairs, to "postpone" any changes to TRICARE that could jeopardize health coverage for autistic children.
"I urge TRICARE to postpone the implementation of any potential modifications to the coverage of (autism) services until affected military families and providers have had an opportunity to provide their input," Warner wrote.
The Pentagon has since said it will delay the pay cuts as it reviews the proposed changes to TRICARE. But many providers and military families are still concerned.
"As a result, I have heard from several families who are facing an increase in out-of-pocket expenses, a lack of access to critical services and confusion over appropriate policy interpretation," Warner wrote.