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Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Rand Paul and Autism

Previous posts discussed Sam Wessels, an Iowa kid with ASD who poses questions to presidential candidates.

At The Des Moines Register, Jennifer Jacobs reports on a Rand Paul town hall in Sioux City, Iowa:
A 12-year-old boy named Sam Wessels tried to pin Paul down on government aid for those with autism, like himself.
Wessels said he had been speaking to politicians since he was 5, starting with Sen. John McCain, "including your father, great guy by the way, and the current president twice. And they all promised to help me, but after seven years, little if anything has changed. Can you be the one we can really count on?"
Paul answered: "I'm going to give you an answer you probably have never gotten before. ... Here's the real answer. Government's never going to find — and I'm not saying government can't help, I support some government help for autism — but the answer's going to come from scientists. And politicians get in the way of most answers."
But where do the scientists get the money for autism research?  According to IACC, most comes from the federal government: 

Figure 2. Eighty-two percent of the $408,577,276 distributed for ASD research in 2010 was provided by Federal sources, while 18% of funding was provided by private organizations.

Here the exchange between Wessels and Ron Paul: