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Sunday, July 6, 2014

Peter Bell

The Times of Trenton reports:
Because more children these days get classified as autistic, and for other reasons experts do not yet fully understand, autism rates are soaring in New Jersey and elsewhere, but for Peter Bell, autism really hit the radar screen when his own son was diagnosed. 
“I got involved in autism advocacy entirely because I was recruited into it the hard way,” Bell said. His oldest son, Tyler, now 21, was diagnosed with autism in 1996. 
Bell is not just the father of a young adult with autism; he is the CEO of Eden Autism Services, a role he assumed in February. Before that, Bell was with Autism Speaks, the world’s largest advocacy and science organization for autism 
Eden Autism Services was founded in 1975 as a family-oriented school for children with autism 
In the last 30 years, it has expanded to an institution with a wide variety of programs and services for children and adults with autism, and also offers services and resources for their families.