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Thursday, May 8, 2014

Waiting in Nevada

In Las Vegas, Sandra Gonzalez reports at KSNV:
As more children are being diagnosed with autism, the availability of services are being outpaced by demand. That's what a group of experts told legislators Wednesday in Las Vegas.

"Douglas would scream and cry for hours while I was driving, he would become self abusive. He would make several attempts to bite and scratch me while I'm driving," Korri Ward told a legislative committee on healthcare.

She was sharing the experience of driving her son on a four hour trip to be tested for autism. She spoke via videoconference from Carson City, to explain life with autistic twins in rural Nevada. Her sons are now 20.

But in the Las Vegas valley, autism experts say there are still difficulties to access therapy and treatment for children with autism spectrum disorder.

"It's a mess. We have kids on the waiting list, whose lives could be changed if they were served and they are not being served," said Barbara Buckley, Executive Director of Legal Aid Center of Nevada.