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Saturday, May 3, 2014

IACC Update

IACC has issued its 2013 update to its strategic plan.  From the full text:
Most areas have received extensive investment ($1.5 billion expended from 2008-2012 by federal and private funders) and significant progress has been made since the original Plan was published in January, 2009. According to the PubMed database of biomedical research literature, over 11,000 journal articles on autism have been published since January, 2009, more than double the number published in the preceding 5 years. The world of ASD research has changed profoundly during this period, with increases in United States ASD prevalence estimates, changes in ASD diagnostic criteria, greater understanding of co-occurring conditions and services needs, and new insights from genetics, environmental studies, and neuroimaging into the biology and etiology of ASD. In addition to this review of the investment and progress, the Committee and external experts identified current research gaps, needs and barriers, as well as new opportunities created by advances in the field, which can provide direction for future investment.