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Friday, March 21, 2014

Mandate Fails in GA, Proceeds in KS

The Georgia House failed to act on autism mandate legislation before its session ended yesterday, effectively killing it for the year. But as Kansas First News reports, a mandate measure is moving in Kansas:
Children with autism in Kansas are one step closer to getting healthcare coverage.
The House advanced a bill Thursday that would require state-regulated insurance companies to cover the diagnosis and treatment of children with autism. 
The House Insurance Committee amended House Bill 2744 Monday and recommended it for approval. 
Committee members amended the bill to require insurers to cover a therapy called applied behavior analysis (ABA) for up to 25 hours a week for children diagnosed by age 4. 
Treatments would be covered for four years from the time of diagnosis. After that, coverage for therapy could be limited to 10 hours per week. 
Children diagnosed after age 6 would be eligible for 10 hours per week, and coverage would end at age 13. 
An earlier version of the bill would have limited therapy coverage to 10 hours a week through age 18. 
The bill now moves to the Senate.