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Friday, February 14, 2014

South Dakota Mandate Bill

In Sioux Fall, SD, KDLT-TV reports:
Children with cancer receive treatment, children with diabetes get insulin. So why is it becoming difficult for children with autism to get the help they need? That’s the question South Dakota State Representatives were faced with Thursday.

Several parents and therapists were in Pierre speaking with legislators about House Bill 1257. If passed as is, the measure will require insurance companies to cover all therapies for autistic individuals.

Robyn Stemper, mother of autistic child said, "A year ago, she would just bang her head on the wall and she would have a constant bruise on her forehead, we didn't go out much because it was just too overwhelming for her." 
Stemper's daughter Kierra was diagnosed with autism last December. Since then, the 5-year-old has been in Applied Behavioral Analysis, or ABA, 40 hours a week.

"They had her toilet trained within one to two months, she can sing songs, she can count to five," Stemper smiled. 
Stemper said in November, she received a letter from her insurance company saying they would no longer cover the ABA therapy, because they aren't required too.

"It's not based on her needs, it's based on money," Stemper said.