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Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Self-Advocate Backs Ava's Law

Finally, On February 4th, 2014, I went to the Georgia State Capitol armed with a Power Point about Ava’s Law on my tablet and two friends who have Aspergers themselves. I also brought with my most treasurable item which was a baby picture of me with my grandfather. The picture was giving to me by my grandfather’s second wife, Alice, during my Bar Mitzvah. My grandfather was a doctor and started a medical facility inside the State Capitol. My grandfather was also a lobbyist for the Medical Association. But sadly, my grandfather passed away in April 2002.

Anyway, my friends and I get to the State Capitol. We found the room where Autism Speaks was having their rally and then I was asked if I would like to be interview about Ava’s Law. I say yes. The reporter from WGCL asked what I think what of my autism? I say Autism is a blessing and a curse. Then he asked me why that is? I had to think of that and then say “A blessing, you know that you are different and a curse because it is very hard to get along with you peers.” The blessing part of my statement to the reporter was very difficult for me because I did not have a very good answer in my head.

However, the curse part of my statement to the reporter was somewhat easy because I was often bullied by my peers in my years of public education. The bullying was so bad during my first two years of high school; my parents move me and my brothers to a different high school for the last two years of high school. My interview was show on the five o’clock news. After my interview I walked to the doors to house chambers and found Mike Dudgeon and show him my power point.
While I was talking to Mike, I saw Anna Bullard and her daughter Ava walking out of the Speaker David Ralston’s office. I show Anna and Ava my power point. They were so glad that I came to capitol and very impressed with my power point. But on the State Senate side I could not get in touch with my state senator. After two attempts he still would not come out. I know this going to be hard but I will not be satisfied until Ava’s Law is sign by Governor Nathan Deal.