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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools

A number of posts have discussed charter schools. Christina Samuels writes at Education Week:
More than 2 million students are served in 6,000 charter schools around the country, but a continuing concern has been whether the rapid growth in this sector is leaving students with disabilities behind.

The National Center for Special Education in Charter Schools, a new nonprofit based in New York, hopes to break down the barriers that may stand in the way of charter schools enrolling and effectively educating students with disabilities. The center's launch was announced today at the National Association of Charter School Authorizers' conference in San Diego.
As a part of its fact-finding work, the center has released a report outlining the legal framework, opportunities and challenges related to special education and charter schools.
The conversation about students with disabilities in charter schools should go deeper than just examining whether a given charter school enrolls the same percentage of children with disabilities as nearby traditional schools, Rhim said. (Others have also argued for a more sophisticated approach to evaluating how charter schools educate students with special needs.)