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Saturday, September 21, 2013

WHO and Autism

After spending three days at the World Health Organization Consultation on Autism and Developmental Disabilities, I have never been prouder to be a member of the global autism community and an employee of Autism Speaks.
Over the course of this historic meeting, Andy and I heard so many participants thank Autism Speaks for its leadership and commitment to the Autism Speaks Global Autism Public Health initiative.

Attendees included leaders and visionaries in their respective areas of autism, developmental disabilities and mental health awareness, services and science. The vast majority were established friends and partners of Autism Speaks. They included members of GAPH as well as our Advocacy Leadership Network. The came from Albania, Bangladesh, Ethiopia, India, Japan, the Philippines, Panama, Peru, Qatar, Sri Lanka, and South Africa. The WHO heard their voices loud and clear.
On Day 3 of our consultations, we agreed that, as a global community, we will use the recently enacted autism resolutions of the United Nationals General Assembly and the World Health Assembly Executive Board to increase the commitment and accountability of governments worldwide. (Follow the links for more information on each resolution.)