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Friday, August 9, 2013

Autism, Kansas, and the Affordable Care Act

Kansas does not have an insurance mandate.  The Kansas City Star reports on an insurance industry argument against it:  The Affordable Care Act.
In Kansas, insurance companies have been urging lawmakers to ease up on any new mandates until it’s clear how the new Affordable Care Act will affect premiums.

“It’s not the best time to be looking at new requirements for health insurers,” said Mary Beth Chambers, spokeswoman for Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Kansas.

But some Kansas lawmakers, including conservatives who generally oppose government mandates, want to push forward.

They argue the state will save money in the long term by treating kids now and getting them on their way to an independent life.

“It is the fiscally and morally conservative and responsible thing to do for Kansas kids with autism and their families,” said Rep. John Rubin, a Shawnee Republican.

However, Kansas insurance regulators have warned lawmakers that the state might have to pick up the cost of any new mandate that would be a part of basic insurance plans sold under the Affordable Care Act.