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Monday, May 13, 2013

Rising Tide Car Wash

Many posts have discussed employment issuesWTVJ-TV in South Florida reports on Rising Tide Car Wash, Parkland, Florida, which employs people on the spectrum:

With more than 35 employees with autism, Rising Tide is a car wash with a cause.
It has special meaning to the father and son co-founders.
“My brother has autism. He’s 22 years old and probably for the last three years we’ve been thinking about what Andrew’s going to do,” Tom D’Eri, who founded the Parkland car wash with his father John. “It means so much to us to create something that can actually have an impact on so many individuals.”
“I like this job because it’s fun and better than staying home and doing nothing and all that stuff and it’s very important to pay rent and I’ve been dying to have a job all my life,” V'lon Small said.
It’s only been a month since the car wash opened up and already business is looking pretty good.
“We’re the largest single store retail employer of individuals with autism," said Tom D'Eri.
And he’s talking about in the entire country.