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Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The California Mandate and Co-Payments

The Santa Cruz Sentinel reports on implementation of the California mandate:
A January 2012 survey of 1,400 families by the California Autism Society found insurers paid for 13 percent of autism therapies, regional centers, 22 percent, school districts, 48 percent and private payers, 17 percent.

SB 946 was expected to save the Regional Center system $80 million in a year, according to San Andreas Regional Center chief Santi Rogers, who sent parents a letter in July advising them to contact their health insurance provider and request funding for behavioral health services.

For some families, co-pays could total $400 to $500, and pose a financial barrier to a treatment that has been effective.

Most of the 21 regional centers in California were covering co-pays, but six were not, according to Scotts Valley resident Peter McLean, who has a son, 16, with autism and serves on the Area VII board. San Andreas Regional Center, one of the six, posted a statement to that effect on its website.