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Tuesday, March 19, 2013

A Case of Abuse in California

Cases of abuse are all too common.  The latest comes from California.  Serene Branson reports at KCBS in Los Angeles about Kathy Coleman, who arranged with Jay Nolan Community Services to find a Northridge home for her 31-year-old nonverbal ASD son.
Coleman, however, grew concerned about her son’s living situation when she started to notice bruises on his body.
The mother said she immediately took her concerns to management.
“When I asked them (about the bruises), (they said), ‘We don’t know.’ Then the next week when I came, (the bruises) got worse. Every week (it) got worse. Then my son showed me signs that he’s afraid of the staff,” she said.
Coleman decided to take matters into her own hands and installed hidden cameras inside Cameron’s home.
After a few days, she was horrified by what she saw the workers do to her son.
The recordings showed a caretaker kick Cameron in the face on the toilet, kick him on the floor, hit him with a towel, and then spit on him before walking away.