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Monday, February 25, 2013

Nebraska Mandate Bill

KOLN-TV in Lincoln covers Nebraska mandate legislation, LB 505 by State Senator Colby Coash: 
Coash attempted the legislation in 2012, but it didn't pan out. Insurance companies were on the fence and their lobbyists for insurance companies raised concerns.
Those who oppose the bill say it's just too expensive and that insurance companies can now voluntarily cover these costs.
Insurance company Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Nebraska issued a statement to 10/11 about LB 505 saying, “We will continue to work with legislators and those in the community impacted by autism to help address concerns over coverage, while making sure there is a level playing field between all health insurance companies. Some requirements of the Affordable Care Act and state mandates may add complexity to LB505 and will likely need to be discussed and understood by all parties.”
If passed Nebraska would be the 33rd state to require such coverage. During the scheduled upcoming hearing, Senator Coash is expecting a little opposition, but he says in the long run this bill will save money.
Sen. Colby Coash said, "This is not going to break the bank for insurance companies. My experience has taught me that this kind of treatment is giving people with autism their life back.
It's that big of a deal."
The first hearing on LB505 is scheduled for Tuesday, Feb. 26, before the Senate Banking, Commerce and Insurance Committee.