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Sunday, January 13, 2013

Alexis Wineman

On the strength of an online vote, Alexis Wineman made it to the semifinals of the Miss America competition, becoming the first ASD person to do so. Digital Journal reports:
Prior to the start of Saturday's competition, Wineman tweeted:
"I hope I make those who has been cheering me on during this journey proud tonight. There are no words to express my #gratitude."
She not only made her supporters proud, she served as an inspiration to many, being named the America's Choice winner. She moved on to the semifinals along with 14 other contestants, competing in the swimsuit competition. Sadly, when the 12 finalists were announced, Wineman's name was not included.
Wineman continued to show her courage, perseverance and gratitude however, saying:
"I can't believe it! I won America's Choice. Thanks to all of you voting for me & supporting me!"
With the pageant now behind her, Wineman plans to continue her education, attending the University of Montana with hopes of a career in art therapy. She also hopes that her story and her personal platform helps everyone remember that "normal is just a dryer setting"