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Monday, November 26, 2012

Sierra Madre Update

Previous posts have described an incident in Sierra Madre, California. An update in The Sierra Madre Tattler:
Armed with a newly cleaned and earth friendly eco-suds'd and air dried under a waxing crescent moon for two days Censure Honowitz shirt, we parked with our friends at the PUSD office to put up our recycled and green “Censure Honowitz”, and “Stop Bullying in Sierra Madre” signs on our SUVs and F150s, and then proceeded to directly challenge the status quo with our eighth on the street picket. We then attended the first part of the November 13 public board meeting.
Gone are the good old days when the PUSD administrative staff would call the police on us when we showed up with our signs. At some point they must have figured out that citizens have the right to peaceful assembly.
Don’t laugh. These are the very people in charge of teaching your children civics and teaching them the Constitution of the United States.
Ah, yes. The good old days. I still think my favorite visual picture was watching one of the lumbering unicorns scramble to make a cell phone call to report that someone posted a poster stating Inclusion Free Zone on the marquee of Sierra Madre Elementary School. I waved as I drove by. Toodles! Always the good neighbor, I am. That statement was almost as good as the truck parked across the street from the school the day the Gayle Bluemel Auditorium was christened. It had one bold four letter word emblazoned in red paint across it: LIAR.
And so. Back to the meeting. From the gate the questions were laid on the district. Our request some six weeks back for an investigation into Honowitz and claim that he and the PUSD had violated our son’s rights under FERPA (Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act) was investigated internally, and like every other PUSD investigation, the outcome was the same. No violation. Simply put, on with the usual business.
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