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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

What's Your Connection?

There are nearly 57 million individuals with disabilities in the United States, and they are all connected to the people around them in some way. They are sons and daughters, sisters and brothers, parents and grandparents, coworkers, neighbors and friends.
To celebrate our 10th anniversary, has created the "What’s Your Connection?" initiative, a grassroots movement emphasizing the connections among all people.
How It Works
Maybe your sister has autism or your neighbor is a veteran with a disability. Maybe you have a disability and would like to tell your story. Let us know how having a disability or knowing someone with one has touched your life by:
1) Sending a photograph in JPG format, along with a 250-word maximum caption, to

2) Uploading a captioned, one-minute video to your personal YouTube page and including the hashtag, #myconnection2, in the title.
What's Your Connection? will run from October 30, 2012 to July 31, 2013, and will use social media and grassroots tactics to spark conversations and build support for inclusion of people with disabilities in the workplace and in their communities.

Visit our toolkit to find out ways to help spread the word about the What's Your Connection? initiative!

Rules & Regulations:
By submitting a photograph or uploading a YouTube video with the hashtag, #myconnection2, participants grant permission to the U.S. Department of Labor's Office of Disability Employment Policy to display their work on; the site's Facebook, Twitter or YouTube page; and future print publications.
All submissions will be reviewed and approved by the team prior to being posted on the website or its YouTube page.
All YouTube videos must be captioned. For information on how to add captions to a YouTube video, visit
All photographs must be in JPG format.