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Saturday, August 11, 2012

Implementing the TRICARE Decision

The parents of ASD child Zachary Berge won TRICARE coverage in an important federal case.  But it appears that TRICARE has not gotten the word.  The Northwest Florida Daily News reports:
During the nearly two years the class-action lawsuit wound through the court system, the Berges paid out of their pocket and took out a second insurance policy to help pay for the therapy. They also received some assistance from a state-funded program for children with disabilities.
Dawn said that although they're happy the judge ruled in their favor, she and her husband have yet to notice any change in the way their claims are handled by TRICARE.
"We aren't sure yet," she said when asked how the judge's ruling might help them financially. "Right now, we're uncertain what's going to happen.
"Even though a judge has ruled that we won, we're still battling as far as getting coverage," she said. "Every time we call TRICARE and try to get some answers, they say, 'We don't know what you're talking about. We have to respect the policy as it's written and (ABA) isn't covered.' "