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Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Scarborough's Harm

Reaction continues to Joe Scarborough's suggestion that the Colorado killer is autisticTommy Christopher writes at Mediaite:

Last week, Joe Scarborough answered pleas and petitions from autism advocates that he correct the false statements he made about autism by telling them that they had all simply missed the point. According to autism advocate Karla Fisher (who is on the autism spectrum, as well), members of the football team she manages got Scarborough’s point, loud and clear. Fisher, who is the General Manager of the Portland Fighting Fillies professional women’s football team, writes on her Facebook page:
This weekend I hosted my football team at my farm for a camp out. They asked me questions about my autism work and I told them that autistic people grow up to be lawyers and doctors and teachers and janitors and Moms and…. I was uninterrupted by one of the girls who said, “And mass murderers”. I asked her if she was kidding. She was not. EVERYONE thought Holmes is autistic and that link was connected very clearly in that room.
This is real life folks and real bad for all of us.