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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

A Potential Screening Tool

In Autism, Lauren Turner-Brown et al.say that "the First Year Inventory is a promising tool for identifying 12-month-old infants who are at risk for an eventual diagnosis of autism spectrum disorder."

MyHealthNewsDaily reports:
Using scores on the survey, called the First Year Inventory, the researchers identified 31 percent of children who were ultimately diagnosed with autism at age 3, the researchers said.
In addition, most of the children who were identified as being at risk for autism ended up having some type of developmental disability at age 3, whether it was autism or another condition.
However, the survey missed five of the nine children who had autism. This means that continued surveillance of children for signs of autism after one year would be encouraged, and that additional research is needed to identify other behaviors not examined by the test that may be signs of autism, the researchers said.