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Sunday, June 17, 2012

Utah Exodus

The Salt Lake City Tribune reports on a Utah family that moved out of state for services.
In 2008 in a decision that felt bitingly unfair, the Eliasons moved to Colorado, leaving friends and family behind. But for April alone this year, their insurance company wrote a check for $3,534 for Isaac’s treatment that month. It included speech and occupational therapy along with Applied Behavioral Analysis (ABA), increasingly recognized by states and other levels of government as effective therapy for autistic children. The Eliasons are part of what appears to be a small but growing number of Utah families with autistic children either leaving the state or seriously considering a move. ...
"I’m glad [the mandate] is attracting people to our state," said Bridget Cessar, interim executive director of the Autism Society of Colorado. "But I would also say that it’s not the only thing that a family should be looking at when they move here."