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Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Louisiana Expands Its Mandate

In Baton Rouge, WAFB reports:
A bill that gives children with autism greater health benefits has received final passage.
The bill, by Rep. Franklin Foil, expands mandatory autism coverage from 14 years of age to 21.

"It's huge," said Foil. "Unfortunately, a lot more children have autism in this state and what this bill does is it's insurance coverage for more children and more children get the services they need at and early age and that gets results. "
There are some caveats to qualifying, but if you're covered by insurance, the bill makes the companies provide coverage to those with autism up to the age of 21.
"It's amazing, Louisiana has been so great on this issue," said Shelly Hendrix, the mother of an autistic child.
The measure also removes a cap on coverage limits.