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Tuesday, May 8, 2012


From a new group, AutismAid:
Lawrence Goldfarb, founder of LRG Capital Group and Bay Area autism activist, and Tim Welsh, national activist and voice for autism awareness, have created AutismAid, a 501(c)3 with the goal and objective of being an umbrella for autism organizations and supporters across the globe to unify and gather under for support. Their desire is to refocus education on key issues in autism and the mobilization of communities to create a sustainable safety net, effectively providing a balance of services in the community that they feel has not been adequate.

The project was born out of an observation that while various niche-interest autism groups are critical, the effectiveness of these groups is restricted to only those niches where a multitude of different understandings and restrictions for participation and inclusion may exist. For Lawrence and Tim, this involves breaking down any existing discrimination between socioeconomic status, ethnicity, and geographic locations. Once freed of these barriers, the project will allow the voices of all to be heard, while adding to a collective consciousness of autism and how it affects millions of our friends and families worldwide.

In order to address the broad range of views and opinions on autism and autism care, Lawrence and Tim first seek to recognize and acknowledge the achievements of these smaller communities, while paying it forward to the creation of a greater community of autism supporters and workers who will make a difference in saving lives. Lawrence and Tim invite businesses, non-profits, the medical community, and individuals from neighborhoods around the world to participate in the cause. "The Tommy Foundation is thrilled to have a major player jump into the arena with us, and look forward to continuing to make the autism movement a stronger place for its people," says Rich Everts, co-founder of The Tommy Foundation, which is in the umbrella of AutismAid, and who is also the director of The United States of Autism (2012). Currently, Lawrence and Tim are in the process of formulating the criteria and standards for participation, as well as collecting nominations and submissions from regional service providers. If you would like to learn more and be involved, please email Lawrence Goldfarb at or Tim Welsh at

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