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Thursday, April 19, 2012

Michigan Mandate Becomes Law: It's Personal

MLive reports:
Lt. Gov. Brian Calley said he became an advocate for expanding care for autism patients after some families struggling to find help for their children came to his office.
But nearly three years later, it became personal.
“I was at a Heath Policy Committee hearing, and I heard testimony about what it was like from a boy who had received treatment as he described himself before he had access to treatment,” Calley said.
“And my wife and I, we knew we were having such difficulty with our daughter, and we had a hard time getting anybody to help and figure out what the problem was. It became clear at that point that what they were describing was how she was.”
Surrounded by his family and others with children diagnosed with the disorder, Calley on Wednesday signed into law a bipartisan package of bills making Michigan the 30th state to mandate insurance companies provide coverage for autism treatment and diagnosis.
Calley was pressed into service to sign the bills because Snyder is in Afghanistan visiting troops.
AP reports:
Lawmakers gave final approval to the measures last month, and both Republicans and Democrats who worked on the legislation said it was the plight of families trying to pay for their children's treatment that made the legislation so critical.
"When things are personal, you work a lot harder," said Democratic Sen. Rebekah Warren of Ann Arbor. [emphasis added]
Last month, Calley testified on the legislation: