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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Super PACs, Autism, and Massachusetts

The Boston Herald reports on an unusual agreement in Massachusetts:
Scott Brown wrote a $1,000 check to the Autism Consortium after a super PAC launched an ad touting his candidacy, fulfilling his end of the deal he made with U.S. Senate rival Elizabeth Warren to keep big money political action committees out of their campaign.
“I could not be more pleased that Professor Warren has chosen the Autism Consortium,” Brown stated in a press release. “Over the years, I have advocated at both the state and federal level for more funding for autism research and support for children and families impacted by this disease.”
Warren and Brown agreed to ban the use of PAC ads in their campaigns and to donate 50 percent of any such ad’s cost, to the charity of their rival’s choosing. Earlier this week, a super PAC that supports Mitt Romney posted ads for Brown on Google. Brown’s campaign said they asked the group to remove the ads and offered to make a donation. Warren chose the autism advocacy group yesterday.