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Tuesday, March 27, 2012

California Provider Abruptly Closes

A California regional center vendor has abruptly gone out of business. KTLA reports:
A series of Southern California treatment centers for children with autism closed Friday without warning, leaving the parents of the young patients wondering what happened.
Wellspring Health Care and Home Care provided treatment for thousands of children with autism across Southern California until Friday, when its locations shut their doors, apparently for good.
Some employees told KTLA they haven't been paid for a month. Others said they received an email last week informing them they wouldn't be paid Friday.
Those employees traveled to Wellspring's corporate office at 16713 Roscoe Blvd. in North Hills only to find the storefront abandoned, with a sign on the door saying Wellspring is out of business.
Caroline Simha -- the mother of a child with autism -- wonders what she will do now that Wellspring is no longer open.
"When the services are cut, it's like you don't know where to go," she told KTLA.
Wellspring founder and CEO Leo Landeverde [sic:  correct spelling is Landaverde] issued an email to his employees last week saying they wouldn't be paid due to "cash flow problems."
There is now a Facebook group, "Former Clients of Wellspring." 

Last year, a Wellspring employee was a suspect in an abuse case.  Last week, he pleaded guilty.  (Mugshot here.)