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Monday, January 9, 2012

Facilitated Communication: A Horror Story

On Friday, ABC's "20/20" ran an entire episode about how "facilitated communication" led to baseless allegations of sexual abuse against a Michigan father, Julian Wendrow.  Prosecutors eventually had to drop the charges, and the family reached a settlement with the police department. ABC reports:
The judge in the lawsuit called the investigation against the Wendrows a "runaway train" but nonetheless accepted prosecutors' immunity claims and dropped most of the civil charges against them.
[Prosecutor David] Gorcyca, who is now in private practice, declined requests for an interview from "20/20" but did speak in 2009 about the Wendrow case to The National Law Journal. When asked if the Wendrows deserved an apology, he responded, "Over my dead body."
At Science 2.0, Kim Wombles has more on FC and the Wendrow case.