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Monday, January 23, 2012

Dawson on DSM-V

At The Washington Post, Janice D'Arcy interviews Geraldine Dawson of Autism Speaks.  Dr. Dawson expresses some caution about DSM-V:
We really don’t know yet how the new system will influence the ability to receive a diagnosis or services...The concern is that persons struggling with autism symptoms may not qualify for a diagnosis under the new system, especially those who are more cognitively capable. We won’t know how much of a concern this is until definitive studies are conducted...
Although it is possible that some service providers or funders could request a re-evaluation, especially if a child or adult is seeking new services, it is our hope and understanding that the current diagnosis will stand for existing services. Presently, many social service, medical, and educational programs require an assessment and diagnosis of ASD to determine eligibility for ASD-specific services, such as early intensive behavioral interventions.
Almost all the autism insurance laws that have been enacted in 29 states define autism spectrum disorders according to the most current definition of autism in the DSM; thus, all categories of autism, as long as they meet the criteria of autism spectrum disorder, will continue to be covered.