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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Autism in North Dakota

The Grand Forks Herald reports on a legislative hearing:
In written testimony, Mindy Iverson of Bismarck told legislators about the struggle to get the right services for her son, Jack, 4.
“In North Dakota, we do not have many resources, and the ones we have take entirely too long,” she wrote.

Other states have centers for children with autism, and something similar needs to be looked at for Bismarck, she said.
Sen. Larry Robinson, D-Valley City, said he was concerned to hear about the variation in services across the state.
“Whether we have a child that is autistic in the west or the east or the north or the south, it would be our intention, I would hope, that they all receive the services available,” he said. “That really concerned me, the disparity that, in some areas, there’s little if any place to go.”
Wieland said he wants individuals who have autism to come before the committee to share their recommendations for what the state could do to improve services.
Anyone interested in providing autism-related recommendations to legislators may email, subject line: Human Services Committee. 
Letters can be sent to: Legislative Council, ATTN: Human Services Committee, State Capitol, 600 E. Blvd., Bismarck, ND, 58505.