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Wednesday, December 7, 2011

HR 2288: Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act

Items on HR 2288, The Caring for Military Kids with Autism Act:

A summary of the legislation and its status

Countless studies, reports and prior attempts at legislative fixes make it clear – our kids with autism need intensive treatment and military life creates real barriers to care. No soldier should have to serve for more than 20 years and not be able to retire because of a child’s disability. No military family should be moved across the country or across the globe on orders to do so and lose all services for their child with autism.

Why are we not seeing this change?

Because not nearly enough – not nearly enough – of the families affected by these circumstances are standing up and speaking up. Not nearly enough – not nearly enough – friends, grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins, teachers and neighbors are taking three minutes out of their lives to say something about the mistreatment of our military families and their children with autism. And like spoiled children, Congress accomplishes little because We The People are not holding them accountable. We simply cannot accept that.

There are a handful of amazing military parents of children with autism fighting every day, sacrificing themselves for the good of all. They are the real heroes. I am talking about moms and dads that make me look like a wet-behind-the-ears-Private with underwear on my head and a kevlar vest around my ankles. But like me, these military parents aren’t waiting to hear the hoofbeats of a cavalry that isn’t coming. We have figured that part out. But none of us can do this without the voices of those we are trying so desperately to help.

Speak up. Tell Congress that our military’s service to our country is worthy of care for all military children.
A video appeal: