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Monday, November 7, 2011

New Awareness Campaign

A release from Autism Speaks:

The Advertising Council, in partnership with the world’s largest autism science and advocacy organization Autism Speaks, announced today the launch of innovative public service advertisements (PSAs) featuring renowned fashion designer Tommy Hilfiger, and NASCAR driver Jamie McMurray and his niece who has autism. The PSAs are designed to help raise awareness about autism and to encourage the public to learn the early warning signs of a disorder that now affects one in every 110 American children.

The new PSAs, created pro bono by BBDO, take viewers on a journey through Hilfiger and McMurray’s lives, highlighting the extraordinary statistical odds they each overcame on the road to their highly successful careers and end with the startling one in 110 odds of having a child diagnosed with autism. Though the worlds of fashion and motorsports are intense, the films are intimate and modest. To capture their stories, BBDO created intricate handmade paper animation models that were brought to life by 3D computer animation.