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Friday, November 25, 2011

Autism Speaks for the ABLE Act

Autism Votes, a project of Autism Speaks, is supporting the ABLE Act.
As we celebrate Thanksgiving, have your United States Senators and House Representative signed on yet to co-sponsor the Achieving a Better Life Experience (ABLE) Act of 2011 creating tax-free savings accounts for Americans with disabilities, including autism? Thank those who have. Tell those who have yet to become co-sponsors how thankful you will be when they do sign on. The ABLE Act would enable contributions to tax-free savings accounts, similar to 529 funds for college savings, for people with autism and other disabilities. The ABLE Act was introduced with bi-partisan support in the House as HR.3423 and in the Senate as S.1872. It would amend Section 529 of the Internal Revenue Service Code to allow individuals with disabilities and their families to deposit earnings in tax-exempt savings accounts. The funds could be used to pay for qualified expenses, including education, housing and transportation, and would supplement, not replace, benefits provided through private insurance, employment or public programs. In addition to Autism Speaks, the bill has been endorsed by the National Down Syndrome Society, The Arc, Collaborations to Promote Self Determination, the National Disability Institute and The National Fragile X Foundation.