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Sunday, October 30, 2011

State Services for Children

The Journal of Disability Policy Studies has an article by Kelly Henderson, "Policies and Practices Used by States to Serve Children With Autism Spectrum Disorders." The abstract:
There has been swift growth in the number of children and youth identified with autism and autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and who receive services through U.S. early intervention and special education systems. This growth, coupled with the intensive and unique needs of this population, has prompted many state agencies to implement policies and practices to improve delivery of services to children with ASD. The results of a national survey of Part C and Part B agencies under the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act show that most Part B and many Part C agencies are engaged in initiatives specific to ASD. Professional development, technical assistance, and direct services to children with ASD are the most common approaches used. Case studies of five states’ efforts detail the nature of the ASD initiatives and the use of specific approaches within their state settings.