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Friday, October 7, 2011

Seclusion in San Antonio

WOAI in San Antonio reports on a case of seclusion:
Tonya Wells says she took pictures of educators isolating her autistic son in a room without a desk or chair. The concerned mom believes her son's rights were violated at Langley Elementary School on September 15th. The six year old can be seen on a floor or near a wall with an aide nearby.

After meeting with Northside administrators, Wells decided to pull her son out of school--teaching him at home. She has received a notice from NISD about her son's absence but doesn't plan to send him back to Langley, just yet. She believes the district doesn't understand proper procedures for dealing with autistic children who are mainstreamed into classrooms.

Wells has an attorney and says she's not interested in financial gain but feels her son's rights were violated. She would like him to return to class, if educators get more training on how to deal with the varioius challenges associated with autism