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Sunday, October 9, 2011

More on the South Park Episode

CBS has more detail on last week's episode of "South Park."

Picking up where Michele Bachmann's controversial remarks left off, the episode starts with the South Park boys discussing how girls at their school are being required to get HPV vaccinations. Bachmann ovhad made headlines by slamming fellow Republican hopeful Rick Perry for mandating these vaccinations for Texas schoolgirls, CBS News reported.

Fourth -grader Kyle, one of the main characters in the quartet, breaks down the controversy for his friends, explaining that some people believe vaccines can cause autism or Asperger's. That hubbub picks up when another character, Stan, visits the school's guidance counselor in a sullen mood, which the counselor mistakes for symptoms of a developmental disorder. The counselor then calls the school nurses and and asks, "Did we vaccinate Stan Marsh for the flu last year? I think he's got Asperger's."

People with Asperger's display symptoms including repetitive rituals, odd speech, and socially and emotionally inappropriate behavior.

Stan's story gets national attention as the first confirmed case of Asperger's caused by a vaccine and the President even signs a bill, "Stan's Bill," to ban mandatory vaccinations. The oft-controversial quartet member, Eric Cartman, then joins the brouhaha by shoving hamburgers down his pants, claiming the vaccine caused him to develop Asperger's as well.