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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Friday Rally for CA Mandate

There was a rally for the CA mandate on Monday. Another takes place tomorrow. Rachel Trachten writes in The Examiner:

State Senator Darrell Steinberg will host a rally in Berkeley this Friday, September 30, in support of his bill requiring insurance companies to cover behavioral health treatment for children and adults with autism.

The bill, SB 946, has passed both the California Assembly and Senate and is awaiting Governor Brown's signature. Similar legislation has already been enacted by 27 other states. For more info on autism treatment options, click here.

Rally in support of insurance coverage for autism treatment:

  • Date: Friday, Sept. 30
  • Time: 11: 00 am
  • Location: The Ed Roberts Campus (inside atrium); 3075 Adeline Street; Berkeley, CA 94703
  • The building is easily accessible from the Ashby BART station. If you drive, don't park in the BART parking lot or you may get a ticket. Street parking is available and there's a garage under the building with an entrance on Woolsey Street.