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Saturday, July 9, 2011

California Action Alert

From Autism Votes:

Over the past few months, several more states have passed autism insurance reform, including New York.

California has not passed autism insurance reform.

Senator Darrell Steinberg, President Pro Tem of the Senate and author of SB 166, promised this to our community on April 27, 2011:

"I just want to be clear, and state publicly, because there are a lot of great advocates here, people who spend their life trying to improve the life of kids, that I am committed over this two year session, to make what is the sum and substance of this bill happen."

Watch the video here starting at 42 minutes.

Senator Steinberg has requested and scheduled a hearing forWednesday, July 13, 2011 at 10am before the Senate Health Committee so he can personally hear from the community and experts about the issues facing our families. Let's thank him for continuing to champion our cause, continuing this necessary conversation and for his pending commitment to “make…this bill happen.” Senator Steinberg will ensure that people with autism in California will have access to the medical treatments and therapies they need and deserve---sometime before November 2012!

Here is How YOU Can Help:

1) SEND A THANK YOU NOTE! Send Senator Steinberg an email here ( to thank him for his support and commitment to end autism insurance discrimination in California. We get you started but feel free to personalize your letter.

2) SPREAD THE WORD! Ask your friends to help you obtain health insurance coverage.

Post this on your Facebook:

"I am working to help (YOUR CHILD's NAME HERE) get insurance coverage for autism. Would you please help us by sending an email to Senator Steinberg. Take action on the link below then write DONE! so I can thank you!"


To learn more about California Autism Insurance Reform

Happy Emailing!

Shelley Hendrix
Director, State Based Advocacy
Autism Speaks


Kristin Jacobson
State Advocacy Chair, California
Autism Speaks