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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Mommy Tsunami in California

In Marysville, CA, The Appeal-Democrat reports:

The Mommy Tsunami walk that started Saturday in Yuba City ended Tuesday in Sacramento at the steps of the Capitol where hundreds of people protested proposed cuts to programs for the developmentally disabled.

A message in a bottle was also left for Gov. Jerry Brown.

Mary McGinnis, the 51-year-old Yuba City grandmother of Alex Acuna, 8, told the crowd about the trek that started at Raley's in Yuba City and included stops at the Walmart in Linda.

"It's been a long walk and an awesome journey," McGinnis said.

She spoke of how budget cuts threaten the Lanterman Act, the 1977 state law that provides the developmentally disabled with the right to services, allowing them to live more independent.

"It's no longer a promise," McGinnis said of the measure. "It's a bet."

KCRA has video.

See also the YouTube channel of DDSOorg.