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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Alternative Treatments

An article at MedPage Today puts alternative treatments for autism in the context of a broader movement:

Doctors have always provided treatments that did not have a track record in randomized, controlled trials. Often they've provided such treatments without any serious intent of obtaining scientific validation.

Rather, they were usually convinced that the treatments would work, or at least that their errors would eventually lead them to discover a real therapy.

It has also been the case that these doctors have been treated with disdain, even persecuted by the medical establishment.

Many of them retreated to the shadows, continuing to practice their brand of medicine but with a low profile. Others proudly soldiered on in what they believed to be a noble, though lonely, cause.

Now, however, they organize.

Like the DAN doctors have with autism, physicians have attempted alternative treatments for Lyme Disease and various degenerative conditions.