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Sunday, October 24, 2010

Views of Autism Speaks

Zach at AspieWeb shows video of a protest against Autism Speaks:

I find it very disturbing to watch this video. Here are people who want to be treated equally, who want to be included in society – not research to find a way to selectively abort them and there told the following:

  • 2:25 – Are you really that stupid?
  • 3:25 – How do you sleep at night?

If your in the Washington DC area November 6th please consider joining the ASAN in protesting Autism Speaks. For more information and coordination ASAN has created a facebook event page – even if your not going to be there please join it and show your support. If your going to be there I have created several items just for occasions such as this – check them out.

At The Huffington Post, Holly Robinson Peete takes a more positive view of the organization:

Parents across the country have banded together and fought to change state insurance laws to end this injustice. In just four years, they have already won the fight in 23 states, and the battle continues (New York's Governor Paterson just vetoed an insurance bill that passed unanimously in the state legislature, making him just the second governor to take this misguided action). They're fighting against some powerful people, including the insurance companies and their lobbyists. They're also fighting against ignorance. You may have read about one notable Senate candidate who mocked the idea of autism coverage -- she used air quotes when she talked about autism. But these parents are smart, they're organized and they're truly inspirational. That's why they're winning.

Autism Speaks has a wonderful advocacy web site, (I serve on the organization's board) with information about the insurance reform effort. Check the map and see if your state has done the right thing yet. If not, you'll find out how you can get involved and help make important change happen for people with autism.