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Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Drug Companies v. Dan Burton

Politico reports:

Health and pharmaceutical executives are throwing thousands of dollars to the Republicans challenging Indiana Rep. Dan Burton in next week's House primary, deepening the longtime industry critic's woes as he battles to capture his party's nomination.

Burton, a 14-term incumbent, has antagonized health care and drug companies by advocating for alternative medicine and insisting that there is a connection between vaccines and childhood autism. And as Burton fights challenges from two credible Republicans, state Rep. Mike Murphy and former Indiana Republican Party executive director Luke Messer, executives are coming to his opponents' aid.

Executives at the pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly, a major employer based in Burton's district and stung by his vaccine allegations, have anted up more than $3,000 for the congressman's opponents this cycle, including a late $500 contribution to Messer from the company's chairman emeritus, Sidney Taurel.

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Burton also supported reimportation of drugs from Canada and opposed the final version of the Medicare prescription drug bill.