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Saturday, January 2, 2010

Limits of the Wisconsin Mandate

One Wisconsin family found that the new autism-coverage mandate is not as extensive as it thought.  WISC-TV reports:
The law applies only to state-regulated insurance companies. Their employer-based one, AETNA, is federally regulated and when the Tarnutzers tried to buy state-based insurance, numerous companies denied them, citing Alex's pre-existing condition. They are among many families who are still falling through the cracks, WISC-TV reported. "Everyone in governmental power needs to start taking a look at how they can fill that crack. Because these kids need help and they need help now," she said. State Rep. Scott Newcomer, R-Pewaukee, voted against the mandate. He said he wanted the state to fully fund its current Medicaid autism program that serves such families. There's still a waiting list for that program. "You're talking at least half the people, if not up to 70 percent of the people, will not have coverage under this program and I mean that's just crazy!" he said. "We need to fund all of these families. The insurance mandate -- all it did was fund a few of the families and increase the cost."